Thursday, 1 March 2012

Spring Personified

The spring months are upon us!  And once again, as promised, I bring you Eugene Grasset's representations of the months for this season.  I can never, ever decide my favourite!  I love that March is sowing seeds with the proper tools, I love April's river and blossom trees, I love May's hat and her red locks under it with the shockingly bright background.  But I think Miss April and her tranquil, idyllic country scene just might win it for me, largely because I would love to be lying in a fresh, green meadow right now...  

What do you think, who's your favourite Spring lady?


  1. Replies
    1. They are, aren't they? They make such a nice collection, too.

  2. they are all very pretty,
    April is probably my favourite

    1. Another vote for April! She's definitely coming out on top. I will have to award her the spring crown, unless I get further votes for the other two!

  3. I think I might vote for April too - the luscious blossom, the winding creek complete with little bridges... But, as you say, all are lovely for different reasons. I have a little wooden tool for poking a hole for seeds! It has markings on it, presumably to show depth.

  4. I am torn between April and May but I think it's going to have to be April! I just can't get enough of all the blossom. I wish I could live in both of those pictures. Thanks so much for sharing them, they are lovely. xxx