Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Random Reasons to Love London #10

Last night, I was sitting at home, relaxing, when I suddenly became aware of someone blasting out the June Carter/Johnny Cash classic, Ring of Fire, somewhere out on the street below. I leaned out my window to see what was going on and discovered it was coming from none other than a London Fire Brigade fire engine driving up the road!

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It wasn't my chaps but when I just looked up the latest information on what's going on with the fire stations closure threat, I noticed that there was a public meeting going on last night at Islington Town Hall... and the truck was heading in that direction, just shortly before the meeting was scheduled to start! I reckon it was them blasting it out as a protest song. How awesome are our firemen!? 

I'm just disappointed that I missed the meeting. Well, there's still time to comment on the consultation and write disgruntled letters to our buffoon of a mayor. If you love our firemen too (and how could you not after this episode?), you can find out more about the closures and how you can comment here.


  1. That is definitely a humourous, creative way to get to a protest - and be noticed, thereby calling attention to and probably inspiring sympathy for, the cause.
    I attempted to get to the mayor's email address but was unsuccessful, so will try again.

    1. Thanks for trying to add your support for the firemen! I hope you managed to get to mayor's address... I'm still writing my response to the draft plan - still got a couple of days left...!