Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Cities...

Smithfield Market before the buildings, 1855, in the Illustrated London News (Image source)

I really want to sit down and do a proper blog post as I do have several things up my sleeve. Unfortunately I've found myself terribly busy over the past month as I'm starting a new job! This means I have lots of things I'm having to get organised and finished, inside and outside of work hours, and I'm quickly running out of time...

I intentionally make sure to be quite obtuse about the specifics of my work on this blog, to keep things separate and to make sure that I don't step on the toes of professionalism, confidentially and all that. Though I can say that I am rather sad to be leaving my current job in Smithfield, where I have been based for over six years... But I am also terribly excited to be taking up my new job in Westminster, where I will now be based.

So, from offices in the historic City of London - the heart of England's commerce - to offices in the historic City of Westminster - the heart of England's parliament. What new streets and treasures will I discover on my lunchtime strolls, I wonder?

Westminster from the River, 1792, by Samuel Ireland (Image source)


  1. Oh, dear Miss Marie! This is a gorgeous way to let us know of your change of employment. Smithfield Market is amazing! It looks like our cattle market just a few blocks away… but without St. Paul's etc. in the background. The date of Westminster is stunning, along with the picture. What treasures?! I feel sympathy with the sadness of leaving the job where you have obviously had fun and I pray that your new job will bring joyful delights too; and that you will be able to catch up with your friends from time to time, at one of those unbeatable English pubs, or perhaps on an artistic and/or vintage outing.

    1. Many thanks for your kind thoughts and well wishes. Fortunately, Smithfield and Westminster are only a reasonable cycle ride apart, so hopefully I will indeed get to catch up with my old work friends, whilst discovering the delights of Westminster and my new job too. Glad you enjoyed the old pictures.