Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Birds Barbie

I'm spending my Sunday afternoon doing some internet searching and some pondering in preparation for Halloween.  Firstly, looking for a good event.  Secondly, thinking of a costume.  The costume kind of depends on the theme of the event but one of the ideas I had was Tippi Hedren in The Birds, with the birds somehow attached so I appeared to be being attacked...  Wouldn't that be fabulous?  Anyway, it's in my list of idea now but I just wanted to quickly share this wonderful thing which I came across whilst looking for images:  

Image source

Is that not just one of the most brilliant things you've seen?  Damn, I do actually love Barbie.  I don't care what people say about the dolls messing with girls' self-image.  They never did me any harm as a child.  Barbie's changes in style and clothes are a fascinating source for how fashions have changed as well.  I think Barbie is an amazing cultural icon.  Especially when she starts referencing other cultural icons such as Hitchcock.


  1. Here, here! While I can appreciate the argument, Barbies never did a lick of damage to my self esteem, and were a great sense of joy to me as a child. If anything, they helped bolster my confidence. Though I don't collect them these days, if I ever decided to, marvelous numbers like this Hitchcock themed doll would top my list for sure.

    Many thanks for your blog comment today. Orange can be a tricky colour to pull off, I agree. Personally, as someone with fair skin and red hair, I've had the most luck with shades that were either on the light (peach, salmon) or dark (rusty, copper, pumpkin) end of the spectrum. I hope that you'll come across a shade of orange one day that works for you, too.

    Big hugs & cheerful Sunday wishes,

  2. I like Barbie too! She's a cool babe ;) But I didn't know there existed a Hitchcock edition of her! This cold be a really cool idea for halloween tho. If you get the birds right, and maybe some fake wounds on the face and neck :)

  3. what do i love more - birds barbie or a birds halloween costume?! so cool-so fun.

  4. What a great idea,
    definitely go for it,
    i might steal it for an act...

  5. Resounding enthusiasm for Barbie and for The Birds! This cheers me greatly!

    Jessica - They gave me great joy too! And I don't think I ever really considered that I wasn't as pretty as Barbie, I just liked making up stories and characters for mine, and experimenting with their clothes. In fact, Barbie's clothes probably was the beginning of my experimenting through clothes, which has led to self-expression through my own. So I think there's something in your self-confidence argument! (And thanks for the orange advice - I'll let you know if I have any success.)

    Miss Meadows - I agree, I need to make sure I get the birds right if I'm going to go for this costume. I think the concept definitely hinges on them.

    Wardrobe - I asked the same question. I hope I can make a costume as cool as the Barbie...

    Miss Rosette - Please steal away! I'd love to see how you interpret it. You'll have to promise to post about it if you do though.

  6. What an amazing Barbie concept! Not an association you expect. Good luck with costume and event. You wouldn't want the birds kind of flopping off you, refusing to stand up!