Thursday, 6 October 2011

Kaspar the Cat

I'm heading to the Savoy with the Cat on Saturday evening for a very belated birthday drink.  It would have been sooner but time escaped us...  So, exactly one month on from my birthday, I'll be indulging in one of my very favourite places, with my Cat and another certain cat that goes by the name of  Kaspar.  Here's a chocolate version of Kaspar to tantalize you...

... and I will return to tell you the true tale of this fabulous cat at a later date.

Have a good weekend, my lovely readers, whatever you do!


  1. Have a wo0ndeful time at the Savoy,hope to see some photos, of the hotel and your outfit.


  2. You are a tease! Or maybe more true is that you are sharing the journey. Thank you! As I'm behind with my reading, I do already know that you had a wonderful and special time and that you took a lot of care with the whole event.