Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy Hogmanay!

Happy Hogmanay!  Fireworks off Edinburgh Castle, watched from the Grassmarket.

Happy (slightly belated) New Year to all my lovely readers.  Or, more appropriately for where I saw in 2012, happy Hogmanay!  Fireworks off Edinburgh Castle and a masquerade party...  a lovely start to the new year.

Hope you all had a fabulous night as well.  I look forward to reading all my fellow bloggers' posts about Christmas and New Year when I get back home to London later today.

Lisa Marie x


  1. Happy New Year Lisa Marie! You lucky thing being in Edinburgh for it, bet it was so special. x

  2. Lovely photo, happy new year!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. Thanks, ladies. Happy new year to you all too. I was so lucky to be in Edinburgh - the fireworks off the castle, watched from the Grassmarket amongst friendly locals, was truly something special. I would recommend it to anyone.

  4. Perfect shot - captures the historical uniqueness of castle and fireworks (not cannonfire). Happy Hogmanay!

  5. Beautiful photo. The Hogmanay in Edinburgh is definitely the best way to spend the New Year's Eve. The atmosphere and the spirit are unique.