Monday, 23 January 2012

Unusual and Intermittent Service Warning

There are three months and three days until I have to hand in a 20,000-word thesis on redundant bishops' palaces.  This may sound like a lot of time, but as I am also working four days a week and in classes one full day a week, it really isn't much time at all, especially when my day job is rather mentally exhausting already.

One of the particularly idyllic site visits for my thesis research...
Wells Cathedral from the gardens of the Bishop's Palace.

I don't want to put my blog completely on pause but I have come to the realisation that a drastically reduced service will be necessary.  Meaning that, not only will my posts be infrequent and probably brief when they appear, but also that I won't have the luxury of much spare time to read and comment on my wonderful fellow bloggers' posts.

The resident cat at Wells Bishop's Palace provides a rather cute distraction.

So, from now until the last Friday in April, an unusual and intermittent service will be in operation on Love Letter from London.  I will miss our regular exchanges, dear readers, but I will keep my eyes firmly upon the brighter days of May, when (God willing) my thesis is complete.

Lisa Marie x


  1. Good luck Lisa Marie! Hope it all goes well and I look forward to your return. x

  2. Thanks for the well wishes, ladies!

  3. Oh good luck Miss Marie! I went crazy when I had to write my dissertation so I hope you hold onto your sanity! Your subject matter doesn't sound quite so depressing as mine was though! :) All the best! Zoë x

    1. Thanks, Zoe! I will attempt to clutch desperately to my sanity... I'm finding the topic really interesting though (and getting to read about and visit some beautiful buildings as part of it) so that's definitely going to help me get through it. But you've made me curious about what your dissertation was on!

  4. Thank you for the perfectly framed photos, and bonus cat. Zoe has made me curious too... anything to do with circuses? I will miss your artistic contributions to my life via your blog - but I understand how distracting it can be. You do it so well. Maybe your visits will be when you need a distraction yourself.