Sunday, 8 July 2012

Chap Olympiad 2012

The 8th Annual Chap Olympiad is still carrying on as I write this post but, as I am clearly not made of the right stuff, I am not in attendance today, having opted for a Saturday only ticket rather than the full weekender. I'm really not sure I could have survived two days, even though I was hardly exerting myself in my spectating of events, gentle promenading of the grounds, drinking of drinks and grazing of picnic...

But my lack of attendance today means I can deliver you pictures hot off the camera as I have a cosy Sunday at home. This is just a sampler of the fun and games that went on yesterday. I rallied together a group of three lovely chaps (two sporting moustaches!) and two chapettes to join me, and we were fortunate for much better weather this year - although there were a couple of downpours, the ratio of sun to rain was reasonably good.

And without further ado, here's some of the pictures I got when I wasn't too busy enjoying myself.

The lighting of the Olympiad Pipe

The first casualty of the day, in the Butler Baiting event

Butler Baiting, and trouser ironing

Jousting lessons

A sneaky tipple from the hip flask during the Briefcase Phlanx

Umbrella jousting

A competitor loses his steed in the Umbrella Jousting

The fabulous MC from last year makes a return

The final round of the Umbrella Jousting

An attendee tries out a penny farthing off stage

Classic perambulator

Some interesting characters and outfits were in attendance, as always...

Rain brings the day to a close

And the following pictures show my outfit, taken when I eventually straggled home as I failed to get photographs taken of me at the event. I opted for trousers this year but still perfectly feminine, with cloche hat and red lips. A kind of 1920s or 1930s feel...

Hat: Fabhatrix, Edinburgh
Blouse: Somewhere in Greenwich
Silk scarf: Beyond Retro, Soho
Trousers: Beyond Retro, Cheshire Street
Shoes: Somewhere in Leipzig, Germany


  1. glad you didn't drop you camera in some drink. ;-) The Olympiad looked like real fun and I like your trouser twist to a vintage feel outfit, way more practical than a dress and still smashing.

    1. Ha ha! Well remembered! I'm glad too! And thanks for your nice comments on my trouser outfit x

  2. Looks like a fun event, you look adorable love that cloche hat xxx

    1. Thanks! It's my new favourite thing but unfortunately this summer's not been much good for wearing it! I think that's only the second or third time since I bought it in May...

  3. It looks like it was so much fun. I met up with my friend Sophie on Saturday night after she had been there, her and her boyfriend were very tipsy off all the Gin. ;) It sounds like it was a great day.
    You look so lovely in your outfit and your hat is beautiful, it really suits you. xx

    1. You should absolutely come next year! It really is the best fun. And thanks for your nice comments on my outfit. The hat is going to get its own post soon... well, to be precise, it's going to be sharing the limelight with a few other hats but close enough!

  4. There are scarcely words to describe how much I would adore attending a Chap event like this (or one of London's famous Tweed Runs). It's always a blast to live them vicarious through photos like this though, so many thanks for taking us along with us. You look thoroughly fantastic in your lovely trouser outfit.

    Oodles of thanks for the sweet birthday wishes, my dear, I'll be sure to post about what I did on my special day in the very near future.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Sadly I always seem to miss the Tweed Run for various reasons. But the Chap Olympiad does make up for it. And I'm glad I can share the pictures with my lovely readers based abroad.

  6. love!

  7. I agree, Jessica. I had the same sentiments, wishing to be there but then it is great to be able to be there a little through Miss Marie's excellent photo views. I love the lighting of the pipe, the Butler Baiting casualty, the trouser ironing, the umbrella jousting - the events they think of are such fun. That's what games can come from - fun competition of the everyday. I've seen that at the vintage tractor-pull events in the country here in Victoria. I'm glad that MC returned. I love the way the chaps lean on their umbrellas. I think I'll work on that myself, though I'm not a chap so... Love your hat, and the way it features in black and white in your new photo. Very sweet!

    1. I love the way the chaps lean on their umbrellas too! And I had the same thought as you but then decided it might be improper for a lady to do so...

  8. i remember those brogues!
    and feeling inspired by your trousers...will have to see if I can give mine a go, they're quite fun to wear

    1. And well you should - they could have been yours! I've been wearing trousers quite a lot recently, which is rather uncharacteristic. I think it's because of the funny weather here. I'm never sure if it's going to be warm or cold so trousers are a happy compromise between the decision about bare legs or tights that is needed when wearing a skirt.