Friday, 3 January 2014

A Priory Heights New Year

Happy New Year to all my readers! Hope yours is off to a great start. 

I had a lovely night seeing out 2013 and seeing in 2014, just with The Cat and a friend. We celebrated with drinks and nibbles in the comfort of a flat on the Priory Green Estate, built up on high ground just north of King's Cross (and, for me, a nice piece of modernism: designed by Berthold Lubetkin as part of the Tecton Group in 1937, but built to a modified design after the war, and completed in 1957). From there, we enjoyed a dual fireworks display: we had anticipated the official show centred on the London Eye off in the distance, but were also treated to something a wee bit closer, with the local kids setting off their own home-grown show right in the heart of the estate, below our window. Then we popped open a bottle of sparkling and danced around to songs from the 80s and 90s, because nothing says 'party' like the golden tracks of those days...

Yep, 2014 is off to an awesomely retro beginning. But don't let that fool you - I am all set to embrace the future and whatever this year brings.

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  1. Oh hooray! That all sounds like a thoroughly enjoyable celebration. That would have made it for me, having the Estate kids doing their own, like we used to do (but are no longer allowed privately here). A Happy New Year wherever it leads you and wherever you take it.