Tuesday, 5 July 2011

'60s Pulp

Guess what band I went to see on the weekend...

What, you mean you didn't guess Pulp?

No, that's fair enough.  I felt more like I was going to the Kinks, with my itsy bitsy dress and demi-beehive.  The 60s-inspired look happened kind of by accident, a series of decisions which just found me hurtling towards this seemingly inevitable result.  But I quite liked the outcome, and it was fun and novel wearing something so different to my usual look.

Basically, I was planning something mod-ish, as a nod to the whole 90s Brit Pop aesthetic.  But I have a lot less of this style in my wardrobe than I did in the past.  I've got a good stash of blazers so probably would have built something up around one of those, had the weather been cooler.  But it was quite warm out, and when I opened my wardrobe, this long-neglected dress caught my eye.

Long-neglected because I just rarely wear anything so short these days!  But mini seemed appropriate for the evening's event so I pulled it out, only to realise...

 Oh no!  Missing top button!  Was it somewhere at the bottom of my wardrobe?  It was in too obvious a spot to get away with not replacing it, but I didn't really have another appropriate button to hand.  I might have to wear something else.  Unless...

Yes, fabulous!  Just add in some more black accessories to co-ordinate...

And in case it gets cold, a little jacket in a completely different pattern.  Shouldn't work but I think it does...

We're there!  Sweet, kinda 60s, kinda Brit Pop outfit.  You know what hair would look great with this?  A restrained beehive.  Never attempted this before but can't hurt to try...

Voila!  Not too shabby, even if I do say so myself.  I had a bit of cat's eye, top lid eyeliner going on but just subtle so you can't really tell here.  Pinky-purple tint to the lips (gloss and a dab of lipstick blended in).


Off to see the Kinks, I mean, Pulp!  Well, you can't say that Mr Cocker himself doesn't have a bit of a vintage sensibility...

The dapper Jarvis Cocker
(all images courtesy of Last FM)


  1. That's nice, I like you beehive!

  2. Thanks! Okay for a first attempt. I'd like to experiment with it more. Although it doesn't fit so much with my preference for 40s and 50s clothes, it could work for late 50s...

  3. Wow fabulous outfit and I'm Loving that beehive!! I saw them at the I.O.W they were amazing!!
    I love the fact that Jarvis had the same style since the 90's and he's still fashionable now!!

  4. Thanks, Wendy! And you're so right about Jarvis... I guess it's a lesson that you should just find a style that suits you and stick by it - that way, fashions may come and go but you'll always look fab, and authentic!

    PS Miss your blogging! Hope you'll have time to come back and write some more posts soon.

  5. Talk about happy accidents! The bow you had to add makes the dress twice as cute!

  6. I love your creativity! Dear Mr Cocker ... Will be seeing Pulp here in just over a week. Yay!

  7. It was a happy accident, indeed! The bow just came to me as a brilliant brainwave.

    Have fun seeing Pulp, Susan Janet!

  8. Have now seen Pulp at Festival Hall in Melbourne. Made me very happy. Made me laugh and sing and dance, and make a new friend!

  9. adorable dress! the bow and belt really sass it up :)