Saturday, 9 July 2011

Cherokee Chic

On my recent visit to the countryside, my friend and I went for a civilised, post-dinner evening stroll through the fields around her village.  On our adventures, we found some Cherokee planes...

I know, we probably weren't supposed to go onto the airfield, but there was a public right of way path running along the edge of it, and we weren't out for sabotage so we decided it would be harmless fun.

I've heard of Cherokee planes but don't really know anything about them so can't say much more.  I just love the old school look (and sound) of them.

So I had a quick browse of the internet for some history and found a couple of fun facts:
  • The first Cherokees were introduced in 1960
  • The original style of wing was colloquially known as the Hershey Bar wing as its convex shape had a resemblance to the chocolate bar.

But that's about all I have to say on planes, so I'll just fill the rest of the post with pretty pictures of the English countryside in mid-summer.

Caught taking pictures of cows.  I do love cows...


  1. wow love flowers picts!

  2. All so pretty - and interesting. What a great find. I love the path through the field of ... what? Cracked earth makes an artistic photo. Yes, flower pics are so pretty. Beautiful garden! Lovely light in your cow pic. Great one of you with wild roses and rustic fence. Is that a stile? I hope so.

  3. I don't know what was growing in the fields - too much of a city girl, I'm afraid! And it is a stile in the picture of me photographing cows, though I think it was missing a step from memory, which made it rather unbreachable...