Sunday 27 October 2013

Pumpkins, Leaves and Halloween

It's finally time to embrace Autumn. The properly brisk weather has been slower to come this year (as have the leaves along with it) but that has made for some cosy days of knits and scarves without worrying about winter coats yet. I was standing around outside a pub in the evening last week, perfectly comfortable in just a light jacket. The only thing that moved us inside was a brief downpour of rain. As for rain, there has been some, but none of it persistent, and there have been quite a few of those beautiful days of crisp air and clear skies, that are just perfect for walks. And now, today, the clocks have turned back an hour and the nights will be drawing in... As I've written about previously, I love the weekend when we switch back to Greenwich Mean Time, and not just for the bonus hour of sleep.

Dress: Second-hand, picked up by my mother, and passed to me
Cardigan: Hand-made by my mother
Boots: Beyond Retro, London
Scarf: Second-hand, can't remember where
Brooch: Fabhatrix, Edinburgh

But the backdrop to this particular post is actually my visit to Kew Gardens last weekend. Yes, I've been back again already, as part of my aspirations to see it in every season and in as many months as possible. And my seasonal visits will, naturally, be accompanied by seasonally appropriate dress. Unlike my previous visits to Kew, this time I went solo, but was able to get some shots of my outfit by befriending one of the oak trees there. I hung my camera off him and went for a wee dance under his boughs.

As I said, there hasn't been much need for proper coats yet so last weekend I was comfortably able to show off my hand-knitted cardigan and velvet dress without fear of freezing, even after a long walk through the gardens. I partnered my dress and cardigan with two-tone brown boots and an unmistakably Autumnal scarf and brooch, as seen in the picture below (taken alongside another friendly, colourful tree).

And wait, what's this I found? A dark, dark, almost black pumpkin?

Well, I picked him up from the selection on sale, which included some of the many varieties in the wonderful display at the Waterlily house. Did you ever see so many pumpkin varieties in your life??

I also considered taking one of the blue ones but they were bigger and it would have been heavier to carry home with me. And I was happy with my wee Kabocha and his dark tones.

Following the pumpkins, I went on further explorations of the gardens, to enjoy the leaves and spot what other things were out and growing or flowering or changing.

I also took some time to enjoy the Rose Garden Tea Party, which finishes up next weekend...

So, a successful and fun October visit to Kew Gardens. I certainly learnt a lot about pumpkins and the multitude of varieties. 

I leave you with some Halloween-appropriate painted pumpkins. Less than a week to go!


  1. So many great shots here. I love your scarf and all the pumpkins!

    1. Thanks so much. I was really pleased with my find of the scarf... and very excited by all the pumpkins!

  2. Oh, this is beautiful! So many gorgeous autumnal colours. Stunning. Love the pumpkin varieties. You made a good choice. We really don't use anywhere near the range of varieties we could. Your choice of clothing and colours is perfect - and, as seems to mark your outfits - comes with some unexpected combinations that work wonderfully and uniquely. You make me smile, befriending the trees for photos and dancing. Always creative.

    1. Thank you! I was thinking exactly the same about pumpkins and all the varieties. It's a crying shame that we get exposed to so few varieties in our shops. Think of all the crisp flavours and chocolate bars they give as options... but then beautiful, natural vegetables and fruits are limited to one or two varieties. If it were to do with exporting, I would understand it, but we can obviously grow all these lovely pumpkins here in the UK so why don't we? Probably to do with cost and ease of growing... But enough of my rant! Thank you for your lovely comments on my outfit, and I'm glad you enjoyed hearing about me befriending the tree.

  3. The Tea Party is delightful. So pretty and clever. Were the "mushrooms and toadstools" still there from summer?

    1. They were still there, but I believe they won't be for much longer... Like real mushrooms, they can't last forever!

  4. Such absolutely gorgeous seasonal images! I adore - really, really adore - your whole outfits, it's one of my favourites I've seen on any blog this autumn, dear gal. Timelessly lovely styling and accessorizing at work there. Though November 1st tends to usher in winter here in a lot of ways, I'm more in fall's colour palette than ever this year and don't plan to give it up until at least early December. I need to get my pumpkin, mustard and earthy brown fix for as long as possible! :)

    Wishing you an awesomely fun Halloween!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so flattered by your lovely comment about my outfit. One of your favourites?? I'm blushing! I was slow to pick up the autumn colours this year because the weather stayed mild for quite some time here in England, so I plan to hang on to them for as long as it suits me - I see no reason to give them up for a little while yet. Keep embracing them, I say, until you naturally feel the urge for the next season's colours!