Wednesday 23 October 2013

The Last of the Season's Roses...

... and a French manicure with a peppermint twist.

The next post will introduce more seasonal colours, I swear. But my silver nail polish and my pastel green nail polish caught my eye the other evening so I thought I'd do some fun experimentation.

And then I went for a weekend wander, on the hunt for autumn leaves, but late roses caught my eye instead, still heavy with rain drops after an Autumn shower.


  1. I'm glad you found these stunning gems, before they hide away for a time. The raindrops add to their beauty and suggest their transience. It looks like later afternoon light that you have caught illuminating the last rose of your post - perfect! The lemon rose's frilly, multi-layered papery petals are amazing! Clever you are with your nail polishes too. I'm reminded of girlie times :)

    1. It was quite special to see them still around, especially as I wasn't expecting them but was rather on the look out for the next season's leaves! The light and the rain drops did really make them for me too.