Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sewing Silhouette

Kathy over at Behind the Curtain recently posted a selection of pretty pictures of girls sewing.  Okay, I see now that it was actually three good weeks ago.  Damn, time flies.  Her post reminded me of my mum's sewing room in my parents' house, in which she has a number of framed pictures of the same subject.  When I was there some time ago, she snapped a picture of me on her film SLR as I sat by the window, stitching some repairs.  I think it's rather a pretty picture so thought I'd share it with my lovely readers.

And no, I don't have a pierced lip, I'm just holding a safety pin in my mouth.

The reason it took me so long to post this is that I had to try to remember to take the print in to work to scan it in.  Once I'd done that this evening, I played around a bit to see if I could lighten it because I know how pictures can end up looking much darker on some screens and it's already quite a shadowy one.  I ended up having some fun experimenting!  Because the scanner was a bit scratched, the image ended up looking wonderfully weathered as I fiddled with light and exposure and hues on Photoshop.  I couldn't pick which my favourite was so here's a little montage...  It doesn't seem so vain when I'm just in silhouette!

I still think the original is my favourite though.  I love that it's so dark with my silhouette against the light window, and the details such as my shoes are barely discernable.


  1. Lovely pic, I haven't had enough daylight for the past 3 days to do any work on my projects

  2. I love that picture! :) I love the last one, my kinda hues! ;) teehee! Zoë x

  3. Thanks, ladies! My mum will be very pleased that you all liked her photo!

    Miss Rayne - yes, I don't know how I was managing to see in that light! I think it was fine by the window...

  4. I love it. Sewing should be romanticized more often. And you look so very much yourself too :)

  5. Yay! I AM very pleased! I've had trouble recently choosing between the three I took, to add to the collection in the room. I do like how you've played with them too.