Friday, 18 November 2011

Shrimp and Kitty Love

Weekend!  And I particularly need it this week...  Been working especially hard...

As a special treat, here's an adorable picture of the gorgeous Jean Shrimpton which I stumbled across recently.  I didn't make note of where I found it, I'm afraid, so hopefully I don't enrage anyone by having stolen their picture.

Have a great weekend, lovely readers, be it a restful or a raging one! 


  1. What a special photo! Black & white. Creative perspective, through the window AND on an angle. Cat. Elegant woman framed by curtain. Is that snow? You have indeed given us a special treat. I hope your weekend is a time-off treat.

  2. Gorgeous picture and what a lovely moment to capture! Wish I could recreate the same with my kitten....but he will be probably too lively and fidgety to get a good still shot!
    May xx

  3. Thats a very Audrey Hepburn shot. I especially love Jean Shrimpton, because she's a bit of an icon here in Australia. In 1965 she was here for Derby Day - horse races - wearing an unacceptably short hemline - well, we all love her for it xx