Saturday, 26 November 2011

So, It Begins

I've not posted in over a week!  I think this may officially be my longest absence since I started blogging.  It was a hectic week at work, including an overnight stay up in Birmingham.  Was pleasantly surprised by Birmingham, it must be said.  My only experience of the city to date was an hour's transit in the bus depot when I was about 19.  Not the best impression to have of a place but let's be honest, you don't hear the nicest things about Birmingham either.  However, I discovered that there are some lovely buildings and streets in the centre.  Perhaps more on that one day...

But for now, I'm just here for a quick post to break my blogging silence and to remind everyone that tomorrow is Advent Sunday - the first day of the season leading up to Christmas.

Christmas in the Peak District last year - Ilam Church under snow

My plans for the day: a wander around the National Gallery before the evening carol service at St Martin-in-the-Fields.  I'll also look in their shop to see if I can pick up an Advent Calendar there, or potentially an Advent Candle.  I always consider the candle option - where it's marked down the side and you burn it to get it down to the right line each day - but I just know I'd probably get distracted and wander off and come back to find it down to the 24th on the 3rd or something!  Calendars are a bit of an all-round safer option, really...


  1. What a perfect picture to begin Advent. Thank you!
    I love opening the little doors on Advent Calendars. It can be difficult to get something to do with the original Christmas though - and not one adapted to Santa and toys. Last year I loved the Jacquie Lawson 'e' one with the changing village scene. I hope you've received this year's London scene. Still, it IS on computer - not so tactile. Make your own sometime!

  2. I'd love to make my own. Or, rather, perhaps make one for someone else and then have someone make one for me - to make sure to keep the surprise element.

  3. Yes, that lack of surprise problem did occur to me.