Monday, 14 November 2011

A Royally Botanically Autumnal Afternoon

I'm back from a weekend in Liverpool, but until I upload and sort my photos, I thought I'd share with you my adventures from the weekend before. I headed out west to the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew for a relaxed Sunday afternoon, to enjoy perambulating amongst the colourful autumn leaves.

This is what I wore...

Layers!  Gray singlet: Bennetton; Blue shirt: hand-me-down from years ago;
Waist coat: charity shop; Shorts: Beyond Retro; Necklace: gift from my sister

Hat: Fabhatrix, Edinburgh; Jacket: Rokit; Shawl: somewhere on Chalk Farm Road;
Boots: Jones Bootmaker

Here are some of the buildings I saw...

The Temperate House - or part of it - as viewed from the treetop walk.  Largest surviving Victorian glasshouse
in the world, apparently, and Grade I listed.

Detail of the Temperate House, opened officially in 1863 but not completed for another
four decades due to funds running out!

Inside the Temperate House - spiral stairs and climbing plants.

The Temperate House - some of the ironwork designed by ironfounder, Richard Turner.

Detail of the Palm House - also Grade I listed, constructed 1844-1848

More of the Palm House - the design was ground-breaking in terms of engineering,
and borrowed a couple of tips from ship-building.

Museum of Botany, opened to the public in 1848.

And here are some plants and wildlife, featuring autumn colours and funny purple berries...

This was my first ever trip to Kew Gardens and I really need to go back!  There's so much there and I hardly got to see any of it, really.  Perhaps I'll go back once a season for the next year, so I can see it in all its colours and lights whilst exploring the rest of the buildings and landscaping and gardens?  And perhaps I'll wear furs in winter, florals in spring and floaty white in summer?


  1. Ah!Miss Marie! Some breathtaking scenes there! You've caught such excellent perspectives to do justice to the incredible beauty of the gardens. You look gorgeous too! Love that waistcoat.The berry tree with you is delightful. The spiral staircase & climbing plants has got to be the best setting for a spiral staircase I've ever seen. Unexpected yet obvious use really. The bird in his autumn tree is perfect. The pattern of fallen leaves...sigh...Wonderful glasshouse. I love your idea to return each season, appropriately dressed. A treat of a blog - again!

  2. I'm back! In the last photo, it is the colours as well as the patterns that delight. I'm impressed with the care you've taken with the pansies in the foreground in another pic. I think berries are such happy things. I wonder about the purple ones - what they are. Edible?

  3. What a splendidly lovely outing, I can definitely see why you're eager to return to such a beautiful location. Love your idea of going back once a season for the next year. I'd be very tempted to do that too, if I lived near Kew Gardens.

    Wishing you a marvelous Tuesday, sweet gal!

  4. wow! That looks stunning! I have never been to Kew gardens but I think I will make a visit in the spring after seeing your photos :) hope you had a lovely time!


  5. Susan Janet - Thanks for all the lovely, considered comments on my photos. The purple berries are known as beauty berries! Apparently they are made into jam and wine, but I don't know if they would get eaten as they are.

    Jessica - I'll make sure to post about my seasonal return visits, for those like you who are unable to get there yourself.

    Emma - Glad to have encouraged a visit! I once lived just down the road from the gardens for about eight months and never even made it there so I can't blame you for not having been before. I think I never realised just how enjoyable a trip it might be.

  6. Beautiful pictures! I was thinking just today about how I wanted to go to Kew Gardens again!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  7. These are all so pretty! I wish I had your hair. x hivenn

  8. That's still on my long long long list of places to visit. This one should move up on the list. :)

  9. Love the outfit!
    I haven't been to Kew in aaages! We used to got at least once a year as kids as it was where my parents went on their first date back in the 60's (apparently it cost only 2d back then!Bargain!!). I can totally recommend going back when the bluebells are out (I think its April) it is just gorgeous!!

  10. Wendy - That's so lovely about your parents and your later family visits! And I will try to aim for the bluebells next year...