Sunday 28 September 2014

Distinguished Gentlemen (and Ladies)

Today I strolled down to Borough to spectate at the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride... And I had a thoroughly enjoyable morning there.

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride happens in cities all around the world and is held to raise money for prostate cancer research. It involves gentlemen (and ladies) dressing up dapper and mounting their classic and classic-style motorbikes to ride around, making lots of noise, creating a (well-mannered) spectacle, and hopefully raising awareness and sponsorship money. I found out about it through a very good friend of mine who was involved in the ride in Sydney, Australia. Unfortunately, I'm unable to ride myself and I don't know anyone with a bike here in London so was unable to join in even as a pillion. But I could go down and look at all the lovely bikes and admire everyone's style... People had made a great effort, with only a few shameful fake moustaches. (Seriously, when are some people going to realise that events that call for you to dress as a gentleman are about proper style, not about fancy dress piss-takes? Sorry, rant over.)

So on to the bikes and gentlemen:

Sorry, lots of photos there, but I figured it was the best way to demonstrate just how awesome the whole thing was! Oh, and a video snippet is definitely necessary, because what's a classic motorbike calvacade without the roar of the motors??

Finally, what did I wear as a distinguished gentlewoman spectator? Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures at the event as The Cat was unable to make it (despite being a motorbike fan himself - with a licence but without a stead...) so I had to wait until I was home to get a photo. It's still warm and sunny here in London, despite the fact that it's late September, so while I'm still able to get away with it, I'm wearing all the light summer dresses I can. I was going to wear gloves but it was just too warm! I did rock the (fake) pearls though, for a little distinction...

If you'd like to read more about the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, and if you would like to make an 11th hour donation, you can do so here.