Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Fair's Come to Town!

I saw something very exciting on my way into work today... A truck driving up Farringdon Road with this across the side of it:

I've never been before but have heard about it - a big old fair with lots of wonderful vintage rides and stalls. It's up in Hornsey this weekend and then onto Stokey. I might just be paying it a visit...

If you're in the south of England, check out the dates to see when the fair will be in your town this summer/autumn.

So glad I saw that truck...

Devastatingly, the visit to Stoke Newington has been cancelled because of all the bloody rain we've been having! Words cannot express how disappointed I am...


  1. Ohhh you are gunna LOVE it! I actually can not wait for their Stokey visit. xx

    1. Now I think of it, your blog may be where I first read about Carter's, actually... Have you written about it before?

      I'm going to be going to the one at Stokey too. I'm waiting to hear from a friend before deciding what day to go on, but if you and I end up going on the same day, perhaps we should make the bold move of stepping out from the blogging world and actually meeting in person...? x

  2. oh my good, this is far too exciting! I want to go!!! Please please please report back on what you find, I'm dying to know! If it is good, we might have to make a trip up to see it anyway :)

    have loads of fun!


  3. It must come to Brighton... Perhaps it's already been and gone for this year though. Well, I will definitely report back, and you'll either have to travel to see it or put a note in your diary to look out for it next year x

  4. Sounds like great fun, for sure. The poster is a great start too! I hope you get there :)