Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Mysterious Tale of an Apple in N1

Halloween 2012 officially started last night for me, when I headed out on the town with my fancy-dressing partner in crime. But before I share my costume with you, I must tell you the mysterious tale of an apple in N1...

The mysterious apple...

Yesterday evening, I was on my way to my friend's flat in Canonbury, to get ready for our night out. It was my first visit to her new flat so, having found the right street, I was walking down it, looking for the right building. It was dark, the sky had opened up, and I had pulled my scarf up over my head in a vague attempt to keep dry. As I stood, waiting for some cars to pass so I could cross a street, I felt a tap tap at my right foot.

'Someone is knocking at my foot', I thought for a second, before realising the oddness of that idea.

I then looked down to see a small, red apple resting next to my foot.

I looked down to see an apple (reenactment)

'How odd!' I thought to myself. I looked around to see where it might have come from. I had walked over this section of footpath moments before (in hunting for my friend's flat, I had accidentally gone to the wrong house first, so had to retrace my steps backwards). There was no-one about who might have dropped it. There were no apple trees about from which it might have fallen... and in any case, by the looks of it, it seemed too polished to have come from a tree.

Completely bemused, and feeling something like Snow White, I reached down and picked up the apple.

I picked up the apple (reenactment)

I then carried it with me to my friend's place. When she opened the door, I recounted to her the mysterious tale.

'Don't you think it's weird?' I asked.

'What's even weirder', she replied, 'is that you picked up the apple.'

I just couldn't resist though. It felt like something from a fairy tale. I couldn't have walked away from the apple after it knocked at my foot in that fashion. I carried it with me in my handbag all night and have brought it home. What happens now, I don't know...


Am I completely mad for being so transfixed by this mysterious apple? Perhaps... Probably...

But as for my outfit, I'm afraid it wasn't nearly so extravagant and impressive as last year's effort because we weren't quite so organised, what with my friend moving flat and me being abroad and then overwhelmed with returning to full-time work. However, we kind of managed to pull it together at last minute, with some B-grade '50s horror style in the form of victims of the blob or some other such other-worldly monster...

Run! Don't Walk! From... the Blob!

And I will be making pumpkin pie and hopefully doing something else fun and appropriate on Halloween night itself to add some excitement to the mid-week. Hope you all had a fun weekend and have a happy Halloween!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! A lovely comment from one of the most adorable bloggers out there! x

  2. Oh, I think that is a wonderful story! Another "Reason To Love London" for sure. Of course you had to pick up the apple. It tapped at you where it could. And it is a rather lovely apple too. Not even bruised, which is curious. I wonder if varnishing would preserve it. Or wax. Or toffee! Usually toffee apples are pretty sad under that toffee though. I love your "re-enactments" too.

    1. Definitely another "reason to love London" - although those stories are usually about humans communicating with me, why not an apple?? It was a bit bruised, and seemed to have the beginning of a bite in it even... Who knows its story?? I think that, sadly, I will get to a point where I have to toss it away. Perhaps I should take it to the park and cast it into the undergrowth?

  3. I don't think that odd in the least. I would have likely done the very same thing (I once picked up a stray green Christmas light bulb I found on a snowy sidewalk and kept it for years) and agree that there is a definite fairy tale quality to the whole experience.

    Marvelous Halloween costume! I'm definitely filing it away in the inspiration for future All Hallows Eve ensembles file.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I'm glad to have you on side! Occasionally my heart goes out to random objects (like your Christmas light bulb) and I have to take them home with me.

      And thanks for being so kind about my costume. We were disappointed not to have been able to think it through more, but pleased with how we turned out. We thought slime was a bit less obvious than blood too.