Saturday 27 April 2013

Random Reasons to Love London #9

Recently, I was walking back to my office after an exclusive look into one of Piccadilly's lesser known but absolutely fabulous and unique buildings (one reason to love London). I decided to stop off and eat my lunch in the sun on the terrace at Somerset House, overlooking the Thames (another reason to love London). As I cut back through the courtyard of Somerset House, I encountered this scene:

Sheep at Somerset House. Yet another, completely, completely random reason to love London.


  1. Oh my goodness! How wonderfully random - and definitely a reason to love London. What is the sheep on the right thinking?... I'm reminded of the Royal Agricultural Show catchphrase "the country comes to the city".

    1. I think that might originally have been put in as part of the Campaign for Wool, an initiative to promote use of British wool. The sheep were on Savile Row at one point.

    2. Ha ha! I would have loved to have seen sheep on Savile Row! And, yes, I have to admit that it was part of a wool celebration and that there were signs for it at Somerset House... but it was more fun and funny before I realised that!