Sunday 4 May 2014

Kew Garden Florals

It's been quite a while since my last Kew visit. So with the long weekend, good weather, and my determination to do some proper, carefree unwinding following the hectic end days of my long-term job, it seemed like a good idea to head out there today.

This is what I saw, and this is what I wore. Flowers and colours in abundance, in both instances! I wore tulips, thinking it was about the right time for them but I saw very few of them in fact, and think I may have been a tad late in my timing. Oh well, there were plenty of other things to see...

A plane caught my attention... One of the few problems with Kew is the massive number of loud, loud planes
that go over. It somewhat interrupts the sound of leaves rustling in breeze...

Making friends with trees again

Bumble bee! I love bees!

Dress: Beyond Retro
Jacket: Cow (Sheffield branch)
Belt: Beyond Retro
Shoes: Jones Bootmaker
Bracelet: Recent gift from a friend
Earrings (little red beads that are barely visible!): market in Nottingham

I photographed some of the last of the season's roses last year... and this is one of the
first of this year

Statue entitled 'A Sower'

Some ironwork photographed once before, but now with leaves on the tree and a
brighter background

Cricket on Kew Green after the Gardens

Happy Sunday! And happy May Bank Holiday to those other lucky people who get the day off.


  1. Beautiful pictorial visit for your readers, taking us along with you to Kew Gardens. So lush and colourful. Your outfit is too! Clever friend, or clever you, matching the bracelet perfectly. I love your perspectives in the photos! That first of the roses climbing the bricks against the blue sky; the red geranium-looking flower amidst the frosty-looking leaves; brilliant capture of the fat bee beside the ?lupins; twinkling around the spider's web; and revisiting the wrought iron, gate post and tree (I enjoyed comparing to your earlier visit). And what a perfect concluding image of cricket on the green! Love it all! Thank you.

  2. Back again! I know I shouldn't comment on every single thing, but … the Sower statue is wonderful - look at his boots and manly rolled up sleeves and pirate headscarf. I want HIM in MY garden! Those pretty purple and yellow bell flowers look so delicate displayed against the wall.

    1. No need to apologise! I love your enthusiasm, and I love that you enjoyed all my photos so much. Thanks as always for your heart-felt comments!

  3. Hello Marie! I am wonder struck at how I ever did not discover your lovely blog sooner!?!?!? It is simply perfect! I am also a true vintage fanatic and love making new friends who share in my love for it! So you can simply imagine my delight in discovering your blog today! (: Do you really live in London or simply the in the UK? I think It would be perfectly wonderful to live near or in either! I hope you have a simply magical week! - Emelie Claire

    1. Hi Emelie! Glad you have discovered my blog now at least! Thanks for your lovely comments - you've made me very chuffed. I live in London - right in the heart of it at the moment, which is hectic and loud, but I just can't pull myself away from it to go to a quieter bit further out! I'll pop over to have a look at your blog too, and hope you keep following my posts now as you've found me.

  4. Wonderful dress choice and styling! Kew is the perfect backdrop.

    1. Thanks so much. Kew is more than the backdrop though - it's the inspiration!