Sunday, 25 September 2011

A Summer Wasting... (aka Lessons Never Learnt)

Shhhhh!  I'm not really here... I'm really doing coursework, I promise...

But seriously, I am working hard.  I just had music on in the background to keep me motivated and this song came on.  

I may technically be an adult, undertaking mature post-graduate study, but sitting here desperately doing my last minute homework before school start backs, I've clearly not matured much from being a school kid in that respect as this song rang a little too true...

So thought I'd take a quick break from my books to share it.  Cute video too.


  1. It IS a cute video - and song. Should I know the singer? Doesn't matter how old a person is, there is always something that brings out their childlikeness. Hopefully! I'm starting to get a skipping rope theme in my life! I think I've got to get ours out and skip! I took a video on my phone of me on my second-hand bike when I first bought it from the op shop. I was wearing summer dress and cowgirl boots. :) I hope your musics inspire you.

  2. It's Belle & Sebastian! Sorry, I didn't realise that the band didn't come up with the song title - thanks for pointing it out. And I think you should absolutely get out the skipping rope. If it's a long one, you should get a couple of friends and play properly!

  3. Ah yes! Belle & Sebastian. Thanks for skipping encouragement - and suggestion :) I hope the study work is coming together.