Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Queen! Now at the V&A!

As if the Windsor exhibition wasn't enough, now the V&A are having a Diamond Jubilee photography exhibition, featuring Cecil Beaton's mid-20th century photos of Betty and the rest of the royal fam.

Princess Elizabeth at Sweet Sixteen (Image source: V&A)

On now, until 22nd April.  Unfortunately, for me, those are heavy duty thesis months but we'll see how I go...  Maybe if I kept away from my blog, as I said I would...


  1. What a lovely idea for an exhibition! And I think you could do your hair quite effectively in this style of Elizabeth at 16 (far more lovely than the scarf-under-chin look). Is that a baby in the portrait behind? At first glance I thought it was a reclining, over-indulged Royal...

  2. Perhaps I should give the hairstyle a go - I quite like it, with ringlets at the bottom.

    And apparently the baby is Prince Leopold, Queen Victoria's son who was a haemophiliac and died at 30...

  3. Wow, she looks gorgeous! I heart the Queen! xoxo

    1. I heart the Queen too. My boyfriend finds it slightly disturbing how often I praise her outfits. But she's so often fabulously coordinated and so often wearing a spiffing hat!

  4. So excited for this one too, so much to see. She was so beautiful and I am with you on the outifts, I don't care what anyone says I love The Queen. xx