Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Come and Gone (Happy Christmas to You)

Hope all my lovely readers had a very happy Christmas and are enjoying the Boxing Day wind-down. 

Now, after counting down the last few days to Christmas (here and here), in all the excitement and busyness of the day itself, I didn't manage to get a photo of my actual Christmas Day outfit. Oops! Rest assured, it was red and green, despite the fact that my original dress plans were superseded when I decided to rug up warm instead, especially with a Christmas stroll on the cards. So I ended up in a jumper and wool skirt, rather than the resplendent 1980s party dress I was intending to wear... 

However, with pen, pencils and paper, and leisurely Boxing Day time, I decided to make up for my lack of photographs and sketch you a cartoon Christmas greeting and interpretation of my planned but unworn outfit, with a tree much larger than the one I actually have. The joys of artistic licence.

Happy Christmas again, dear readers!


  1. Thank you for this artistic impression of your intended sartorial Christmas statement. It is delightful! I love that you've included your tree too (though I note you've simplified it as well as enlarging it, as there are no decorations such as you showed us earlier). Of course, this gives us the red and green Christmas colours. And are they the white beads from your Katherine Hepburn-inspired outfit? Your Christmas Day stroll sounds lovely and cosy in jumper and wool skirt. Your readers may have been concerned had you worn such a light dress as you originally intended! ;) Happy Christmas to you too. And in the New Year, I look forward to more of your Blog delights.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed my artistic rendering - and you are very observant with the tree's lack of decorations (it was kind of an accident - I started colouring and then realised I'd forgotten the decorations - but it ended up a happy accident as I like the blocks of colour) and with the beaded necklace (even though the drawing differs quite a lot from the reality...). Happy Christmas and New Year to you too.