Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Blog Break / Study Time

I must hit the books!  I've suddenly realised that I have an awful lot of coursework to do before I start classes again in just over a week's time.  So it's heads down and no blogging from me for a while.  But I'll return just as soon as I can.  I have lots of things up my sleeve which I can't wait to share with all my lovely readers but I must be sensible and put them on hold for a little while.

Lisa Marie


  1. Saucy, but appropriate, pic! ;) I'll miss your posts, but I'm sure you'll make up for your absence once you can return. Then I'll struggle to keep up! And sometimes one does have to be practical too. Personally, I need both my practical and my romantic sides as each makes the other more bearable! I hope your study opens up new delights and increases your appreciation of those already glimpsed.

  2. Well, good for you! See you later…

  3. The picture is one of Gil Elvgren's - THE pin-up artist. I should have credited it but slipped up in my preoccupation with coursework, I guess! I used some of his pics on my Blog Award post as well. It's kind of amusing looking through lots of his images in succession though because he's found just about every possible way that anyone could feasibly get their skirt caught up to reveal their stocking tops!

    And thanks for the well wishes with the studies.

  4. Hi Lisa Marie, hope your studying goes ok , I will miss you blog, and all your comments.
    good luck with the studying hurry back, remember too much work and no play...
    Take care, Andy.