Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Thames Times Fun

Anyone in London this weekend, the 10th and 11th September, should get themselves down to the Thames Festival.  True, some of it will probably leave a lot to be desired but, having a quick squizz at the programme, it looks like there's some good music and dance events lined up - there's a jive dancing area, there's electro swing (which I've found snippets of online and am desperate to get to a live show), and I'm sure there's lots more. And, you know, the parade of boats will probably be quaint and fun, if you can get a good spot!

But, the best thing will surely be if you get yourself a ticket for the SS Atlantica event - a 1930s-themed evening onboard an art deco boat, promising to take you back to the golden age of glamour.  Sounds divine...

I'm sad to be missing it all, but I'm off to Scotland for the next five days, so that should make up for it!  In fact, I ought to be packing right now...


  1. Definitely would be delightful to be able to get on the SS Atlantica. But I'm way too far away, here in Australia. Good that you've taken time to advertise it though. I hope you have a bonnie time in Scotland, wee lassie.

  2. Have a blast! I love the sound of the SS Atlantica event. x hivenn

  3. So, I missed out on the SS Atlantica event, but I did get to go on a little cruise (though not quite so elegant) on my trip to Scotland... Will post on my adventures up there soon!