Friday, 30 December 2011

Hackney Empire Panto

Kate Moss as classic swimsuit siren in French Vogue 2010 (Image source)

You may be wondering what Kate Moss has to do with the Hackney Empire?  Well, I went to see the panto for my work Christmas party a few weeks ago and this divine lady just happened to be in the audience!  Unfortunately, word of this didn't get around to me until we were in the pub afterwards so I didn't see her myself.  But perhaps that was a good thing as I just would have ended up distracted and starstruck instead of enjoying the show.  As regular readers have probably picked up through my lack of talking about modern fashion or celebrities, I'm not generally that bothered by modern-day models but Kate is a special case.  I think her just utterly fabulous and was rather overexcited to hear she's been in the audience at the same performance as me.

That aside though, I'd recommend the Hackney Empire panto for anyone looking for some fun, silly entertainment.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself, getting into the whole panto experience with my workmates, singing along and joining in with the fun.  It's on until 8 January, so there's still a chance to catch it if you're in London.


  1. Aww teehee, she is a bombshell! Have a lovely new year's eve! Zoë x

  2. Thanks, Zoe! Hope you had a lovely new year too x

  3. I'd never noticed before, but Kate has a bit of a lovely vintage ooh about her. Well, in these photos. What fun - you and Kate at the same show!