Saturday, 17 December 2011

Love letter in the New York Times

Photo by Tomas van Houtryve for The New York Times

I've been awfully busy of late so not had much time for blogging BUT I just had to come by to tell you that my post on Oscar Wilde's tomb has been quoted in a New York Times article!  You can imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered this!  A couple of my lovely readers' comments were quoted as well, namely the lovely Superheidi who blogs over at The Swing of Things and the fabulous Miss Rosette Brune.

Also this week, I hit 50 followers, which is great news as well!  Thanks to all of you who read along and comment and who make the whole blogging lark so enjoyable.  Special thanks to Wendy over at The Butterfly Balcony for being the first brave lass to follow me!  Also to Betty Boots, who is the latest to join in the ride.  But you're all great and I look forward to (hopefully!) continuing to entertain you with my wee blog and to hearing more thoughts and comments from you.  I should have a think about a doing a special 50 followers/Christmas giveaway too...

Lisa Marie x


  1. Oh dear, that's really quite odd to find oneself quoted on the site of the New York Times. So good for you and your blogpost!

  2. How totally wonderful!!
    Oh I am very proud to have been your first follower:) I love reading you posts (which I can start doing again now I have then internet hurrah!!) I always feel I have learned something fabulous and facinating!!

  3. that is simply lovely that you got quoted! still a shame about the glass house its not surrounded by.x

  4. oh how nice that your post was quoted and my comment as well, I am so proud and happy
    keep up the good work, your blog is a pleasure to read

  5. I actually saw your comment in the Times and went to your blog because of it! So cool! Would love to share blog links with you, as I am a kindred spirit! Check out my blog, "say hello," and let's link!
    Congrats again!

  6. Thanks, ladies, for all your comments. Although, Hannah, I must agree, my new found fame (tee hee) doesn't compensate for the awful glass house!

    Wendy - I'm glad you always feel you've learnt something from my blog. I love discovering and learning new things and I love having this blog to share new things with others.

    Pamela - Lovely to have you visit! Will definitely check out your blog.

  7. Absolutely brilliant! Congratulations on being plucked out as a voice of the people. It's great that they picked up comments from some of your followers too. Power to the People!

  8. Congratulations! You also have subscribers in Google Reader btw (you can check the number in the feed settings drop down menu) but these will remain anonymous as Google pumps your RSS feeds to them directly.