Thursday, 13 June 2013

Awards Style

Busy, busy, bzzz, bzzz! Things are rather quite hectic and full at present but I'm looking forward to a wee break soon. I'm having a few days of country/coast (not decided which yet!) and before that, in a week from today, I'll be at a building conservation summer school up north.

But I have a slight dilemma regarding the summer school because, as part of it, I will be attending a dinner at which I will be accepting an award for the thesis I submitted last year. And I'm really wondering... what does one wear to such a thing?? Do you think it would be a bit much to take my inspiration from the Hollywood stars...? Perhaps, just a little...

Audrey Hepburn, 1954 (Image source: Fred Baby)

Grace Kelly, 1955 (Image source)

Sidney Poitier and Julie Andrews, 1965 - loving the yellow! (Image source


  1. Go the frock! Any excuse I say, and people will remember you, as in "oh you know, that girl who wore that stunning dress to collect her award..." I would do a shorter frock rather than a long gown but include all the accessories, heels, gloves, teeny tiny bag. Congratulations and have fun!

    1. Thank you! And good point! I would love to be "that girl who wore that stunning dress"... I'm generally the 'any excuse' type too but I'm just not sure if there's the chance to go and freshen up between the daytime conference I'll be at and the dinner...

  2. Oh, there will be time to freshen up, I'm sure. But maybe you won't want to have to do a major thing on your hair in that time. Definitely wear a pretty dress. Vintage. Something that hangs nicely, is flattering. Just in case of incidental photos. Don't want to be caught with some part sticking out stiffly or otherwise misbehaving. You always accessorise so well.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! You will look lovely anyway - you'll be glowing from the whole event and compliment of receiving the award and affirming things that have been, and will be, said.

    1. There was time to freshen up and I did wear a pretty dress... but not too formal, just pretty. Photos were taken but I'm not sure if I'll ever see them or not!

      And thanks very much. It was a tad nerve-wracking but lovely.