Sunday, 30 June 2013

Love Letter Redirected (and a Trip to Sussex)

As everyone surely knows by now, Google Reader is closing down. If you want to keep receiving love letters, you can follow me through Bloglovin. Just click this link or the badge down in the right-hand side bar.

And I'm sorry there haven't been so many love letters of late. I have tonnes to post about but haven't had the time to do it lately. But I am hoping to get back into more regular posting as I'm missing it awfully.

In the meantime, I will share just a few pictures from beautiful Sussex with you, where I was but a few days ago for a perfect, but too short, country break...

A walk through the South Downs

A picnic lunch with friendly cows

A coastal sunset


  1. You won't be surprised to know that I didn't know that Google Reader is closing. I'm extremely glad that doesn't mean your love letters will stop. It is sad for you and for those such as myself who enjoy your posts so much, that you are too busy with other things that have to be done. Thank you for these little gems from Sussex. That view of the cow is wonderful. The pattern in the sand is remarkable. The close-up of the sign shows another enchanting and inviting feature of the English countryside.

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments on my photos, and for your sympathy over my busyness. Work is one of the main hindrances... I need to get my work/life balance back in order!