Thursday, 20 October 2011

Love letter from ... Somerset

Off to Wells tomorrow!

Image source

Unfortunately, unlike in 1931 when the above poster was produced, there's no longer a train station there so neither Southern Railways nor any other trains can take me all the way there.  However, I can get the train to Bristol, from whence I will get the bus.  Which means I get to stop off in Bristol, which can only be a good thing!  And then, once in Wells, an overnight stay in a 15th century coach inn.

Ooooh, lovely!


  1. If you have any time in Bristol, Clifton Vintage has some lovely things.

    I like Wells, the little stream down the high street always amuses me.

  2. Ohh! Enjoy your wee travels! Somerset is pretty! I've been there once anyway! :) I hope you enjoy your stay in the 15th century coach inn too! Sounds exciting! :) Zoë x

  3. As you say "Ooooh, lovely!". On our visit in 2003, we didn't have time to go into the cathedral, but admired the intricate stonework and angles of the cathedral and made sure we were there to see the special clock that includes two knights striking the bells. The Vicar's Close was a lovely discovery too. And I found a much needed and lovely pair of fine black leather gloves in the Oxfam shop!

  4. I love those old transport posters! I am thinking of getting one for my new flat, as I have a bit of a railway obsession. Have fun in Somerset! x

  5. An overnight stay in a 15th century coach in sounds pretty fancy!

  6. Mim - Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately, I didn't get to spend much time in Bristol as it turns out but I'm intending to be back in that area again in the next few months, so I'll keep the shop in mind.

    Zoe and Carrie - The coaching inn was fabulous. It was my little treat to myself as I was actually in Wells for research purposes and thought I'd go for two days so I could enjoy it rather than cram things all into one day. And I'm glad I did! The inn was all crooked and creaky, as you would want from such a place. I had a sweet, single four poster bed in my room, and it was all so cosy. I slept like a log! Good country air!

    Susan Janet - One of the reasons I opted for two days instead of one was so I could take time to look around a bit, and see the Cathedral and little streets. But even then, it wasn't enough time for me. But will be returning, so hopefully more next time!

    Kate O - You should get a poster! But the problem is, how would you decide on just one?? I have a bit of a railway obsession too... My colleagues at work are working on an amazing project to do with the history of the Great Western Railway. I was supposed to be working on it too but someone else got to do it in my place. Totally gutted!