Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Halloween is Hovering on the Horizon...

Whilst searching for a night to go to this Halloween weekend, I had the strange experience of stumbling across a picture of myself from two years ago on Flickr...

Hiding in the shadows, silently casting black magic... or so it appears (Source: David Webb UK)

Has this ever happened to you?  It's slightly disconcerting...  But, I have to say, at least it's a cool picture.  Despite the fact I'm looking a tad moody, there skulking in the background whilst the other girls in the picture are grinning, I was actually having a great evening.  It was a B-Grade horror-themed event at The Fox in Shoreditch.  I stumbled across the picture as I searched to see if there was anything similar on there this year.  Alas, there doesn't appear to be (well, as far as I can make out without actually making the effort to enquire with them directly), so I've ended up looking elsewhere.

After much searching, my fellow fancy-dressing friend and I have come up with a short-list but have still yet to bite the bullet on one.  We have fabulous costumes coming together though which I hope turn out as amazingly as we're picturing them.  We're going to attempt to put together my original idea of The Birds - believe it or not, wish me luck on that one - and her costume is going to be in the same theme...  I'll leave it there for now but will be sure to share more when the moment comes!


  1. It is indeed a very atmospheric picture in black and white. How weird finding yourself there! I really like how you are, I think what "they" call the stillpoint in the composition of the photo.
    Wow! Your vision of The Birds may actually happen! Scarecrows have birds too ;)

  2. Oh, The Birds sounds exciting! You look quite the disgruntled sorceress in that picture; it's very fun :)

    With regards to your 'Mad Men' comment on my blog - I never get that, but I do get 'Grace Kelly' from one of my friends quite a lot. He's so sweet but I do want to tell him that Grace Kelly dressed nothing like me!

  3. Susan Janet - Good observation about the stillpoint. I don't know enough about photography to have picked that up myself but you're absolutely right.

    Kate O - That's very sweet about your friend. I've had a few occasions where people have made similar comments where they're obviously being nice and trying to say something appropriate but don't quite know their fashion eras and style icons. That, I don't mind at all!