Monday, 31 October 2011

Meet Vladimir

Sewn from a furry sock, stuffed with old stockings, wings made from a single feather, pointy cardboard beak stitched on, Vladimir was the centre-piece and star of my Halloween costume.  He's now in retirement and has come home to live with me.

I was going to post about my whole costume this evening but circumstances have got in the way, unfortunately.  I will return just as soon as I have the time but for now, happy Halloween, my lovely readers!


  1. Awwww, Vlad is eve so adorable! (Errr, I mean deeply frightening ;D) Wonderful job on creating this classic winged icon of All Hallows Eve.

    Wishing you a fantastic Halloween, sweet gal!

  2. Oh I want a Vlad! Happy Halloween! x

  3. Oh, I'm glad Vlad's got some admirers here in blogland! He's one happy little guy this evening, even though his favourite night of the year is over.

    Hannah - You could have your own Vlad too! He was seriously dead simple to make. Hmm, perhaps I should do my first ever tutorial on how to make your own Vlad?!