Sunday, 13 May 2012

Love Letter from Normandy

A small selection of the rest of the French trip, which entailed a ferry trip from Portsmouth to St Malo, Mont St Michel (as documented yesterday), a stay in a remote French village, a spot of roof-slating (yes, I can do manual labour!), a visit to Bayeux to see the astounding tapestry, and much eating of cheese and drinking of wine. 

Lone souls on the beach at St Malo
The view from St Malo's town walls

The bay of St Malo

Gotta love a dandy - Chateaubriand, France's own Byron

Miscellaneous views of the French countryside

A Normandy windmill (captured by one of my travelling companions)

Bluebell wood

I was excited by the bluebells...

Views over the valley

Cider and reflections on the ferry home

The Channel / Le Manche


  1. Beautiful photos and scenes! Romantic in the big "R" way. Love the textures and light in The Channel/Le Manche photo. Stunning! I'm a sucker for simple, rough wooden fences too (views over the valley). Perfect shot of still windmill and movement all around (hmmm ... was the mill moving?). The lone souls title is delightful. The man's stick perfects it. Did you keep the cider bottle? Perfect placement of bottle and reflective body! Love Chateaubriand's statue being surrounded by rich flowers. Hah! His name and "dandy" also made me think of Russell Brand...

    1. Thank you again for all your lovely comments. I'm really so glad that you get so much enjoyment out of my photos! I didn't keep the cider bottle, though I think my friend did. I was feeling poorly at that point so didn't feel like cider, otherwise I would have had my own!

  2. This looks so beautiful, very lucky you getting to go! Hope you had a briliant time!


    1. It really was beautiful, and a lovely treat. I did feel so lucky because it was all organised by my work but it didn't feel at all like a work trip! x