Tuesday 1 May 2012

Things along the way...

I have all these ideas for posts in my head but I'm still a bit too exhausted from writing thousands of words for my thesis to feel capable of writing an entertaining post. So, instead, I thought I'd share some fun and pretty little moments I snapped as I went about on my site visits.  Here are some from Wells, Somerset...

Wells Bishop's Palace Cat

An artistic use of unused firewood in an unused fireplace

Ducks under the sluice gate

Wells Bishop's Palace moat

All the colours of stone! 

Old friends out for a walk

Detail of stunning Adam and Eve sculpture in the gardens of the Bishop's Palace

I found this description so endearing, and bullet point number two made me giggle...

... and here's the chap himself, unfortunately without a jaunty hat

Sunset on Wells cathedral close


  1. Glad your thesis is done! Lovely photos and what a beautiful cat!!
    May x

    1. Thanks May. And the cat is lovely, isn't he?

  2. Oh they are gorgeous photos! Love your eye for such detail... colours and patterns and relationships. What a very tall chap in the "old friends" photo! "Old friends, sat o the park bench like bookends ..." (Simon and Garfunkel). They certainly should have given the dear bishop one of his jauntily-angled hats for his portrait. After all, portraits are supposed to capture the person, not make us beautiful. That's why, a photographer friend once told me, people often didn't like the portrait he'd taken of them when he was actually happy with it. Fancy telling everyone that he was diabetic! And his wife being so closely linked to a tobacco company is interesting. Love the door detail! What a lot of beauty around a simple handle. The cat looks so contented and pleased with his spot on the table with those lovely chairs. What a delight to find a moat filled with such peaceful water.

    1. Thanks for all your nice comments and observations! Glad you got so much enjoyments from my pictures.

  3. Lovely pictures, makes my feet itch for another adventure. How amazing is that mongram, is it on a chair? Hope you are enjoying a well deserved rest lovely lady. xx

    1. Oh, I absolutely recommend Wells, if you fancy an adventure not far from home. Although it's a devil to get to without a car... And well spotted, the monogram is indeed on a chair. I'm certainly enjoying my rest now - last weekend was packed, but today's been a lovely, idle one, enjoying the arrival of springtime sunshine!