Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Love letter from... the Netherlands

Every year my work plans a voluntary "study trip" to a location in Europe. This is basically three days in which there may be a tour of some sort, a talk of some other sort, but then after that there's a whole lot of running around, having a laugh.

Sadly, this year I had to cancel my plans to go along, as university obligations got in the way. However, my dear boss' dear wife brought me back these lovely chocolates. Okay, they're not vintage fashion and they're not historic architecture, but all the same, aren't they pretty?

Pretty pastels (and wild flavours - pink peppercorn, anyone??)

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  1. The chocolates look so pretty in pastel coloured wrappings!! :)
    Thank you for stopping by at my blog and leaving a lovely comment and birthday message! Also for the encouragement....think I will definitely try the victory rolls again! Have a lovely day!
    -May xx