Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Random Reasons to Love London #1

This afternoon as I was finishing up at work it started to drizzle with rain. By the time I left the building it was raining heavily. As it had been pleasant in the morning, I was unequipped to deal with the downpour so I just had to put my head down and hope for the best...

At one point on my dash through the rain, I came to cross a main road, clip-board held aloft above my head to offer some kind of shelter (not very classy, I know, but it could have been worse). A man in a van stopped to let me cross in front of him and then called out to me when I reached the other side. I turned around to see him waving an umbrella out the window, asking if I needed it! I thanked him and assured him I'd be fine.

But bless him, how lovely!

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful story, Miss Marie! Thank you:-)
    Umbrrellas just make for so many stories, I think. Was it your lost umbrella that the man was waving?! If so, it has found a kind home. I love your simple, sploshy, picture too. There's a painting by someone like Monet called "Umbrellas" with many people (mostly women, I think) under umbrellas.