Monday, 9 May 2011

The Other Dress

Right, I'm not really an obsessed monarchist but I just have to return to the Royal Wedding one more time. Then I promise it will all be over. I just wanted to share this dress with the world. No, not the wedding dress as everyone in the world has already seen that numerous times. And no, not Pippa Middleton's dress either. But rather, it's Kate Middleton's frock from the evening reception.

Like the wedding dress, it was designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen and, it has to be said, is absolutely stunning: a strapless white satin gazan gown with dimante around the waist and a white angora bolero cardigan. So Fifties, so fabulous. The girl got to shift between two of the best decades in one evening - from 1940s-inspired wedding dress to 1950s-inspired reception dress. Probably really only half a decade style-wise, now I think of it. Transitioning from late 40s to early 50s. But the important thing is - such taste!

My only disappointment with it was when I saw the full-length picture. My first glimpse of it was just to below the waist and so I wasn't sure what the hemline was like. I envisaged a skirt just below the knee, finished off with sweet heels in the same style and colour scheme. I'm not quite so keen on the full-length hemline but, considering everything else about it is so right, we'll let that slide.

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