Saturday, 7 May 2011


So, I guess I ought to explain just what this "love letter" is all about?

Basically, it's bringing together my greatest loves, the things which inspire and drive me more than anything - vintage style and historic architecture, and it's all being broadcast out from London, which seems to excel at both of the above. Occasionally there will be tangents or very tenuous links to the overall theme but history - in fashion and architecture - is very much the main idea. There might be museums, events, music, etc, but it will all come back to the blog's (and my) raison d'etre. And occasionally letters will be sent from other towns or the country or abroad, when I get the chance to take a holiday or day trip.

So, whether you love history or clothes or vintage or buildings, and whether you live in London or love visiting or dream of doing so, do drop by from time to time and follow along. There'll be pictures and thoughts and stories and fun facts and recommended events. It's gonna be good!

Lisa Marie x

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