Monday, 30 May 2011

Meanwhile, on Exmouth Market

Uh-oh... This could be dangerous.  I noticed this today, just around the corner from my flat:

A vintage shop opening literally minutes away from me, on the route between my flat and my local coffee suppliers and handy convenience store?  I don't know whether to be pleased or concerned.  Pleased is, of course, the first natural instinct.  But concern for the purse follows swiftly after...  Especially as we're talking about Exmouth Market, and nothing's really cheap along that little stretch of EC1, so I have the feeling these won't be bargain vintage pieces.

However, closer inspection and research reveal that it's just a pop-up shop, part of an initiative called Meanwhile Space.  In their own words, they are "an innovative social enterprise which uses empty space in socially useful ways".  Great concept.  And it means I'll only have to exercise temporary willpower as the vintage shop stint will last for just a month before it's replaced by a photography festival base, and then a rolling programme until September.

So, it all sounds like things will be rather colourful and interesting in that little corner for the coming months.  More information about Meanwhile Space and the programme for Exmouth Market is available through this link.


  1. hi miss marie,
    just found you,
    I love the title of your blog,
    looking forward to following your love letters,

  2. I hope you walked away with those boots! Divine x

  3. Shelleyberelli - Unfortunately I was there a day too early so they weren't open yet! But I totally agree - they're not my usual style but white boots are still something I've always wanted, perfect for when you need to create a 60s go-go girl look. Maybe they'll still be there when I pop by on the weekend...?

  4. I agree - not usually my style either, but there's something about them that just caught my eye and taps into that 'I was born a few decades too late for my sometimes-fashion-tastes'.

    Keep posting your lovely photos and stories : )