Monday, 1 August 2011

Blog Award! (Happy Days!)

I'm very excited to report that the lovely Wendy over at The Butterfly Balcony has surprised me with my first ever blog award!  This is the same lovely girl who, from memory, was my first follower, which was a nice boost in the very earliest days of my blog.

I'm so very honoured that Wendy thought to give me the award, not least because I really enjoy reading her blog and am rather chuffed that she likes mine just as much.

So I most graciously accept my award and commit myself to the task of telling you five random facts about myself.  Here we go...

Number 1. 
My given names are Lisa Marie.  Apparently I wasn't named after Elvis Presley's daughter, even though my mum is a big fan of his.  But I have inherited her great love of Elvis.  We had an Elvis clock in my family home as I grew up, I now have an Elvis mirror.  If you say anything nasty about Elvis, I will get angry.

Mess with Elvis and you mess with me

Number 2. 
I have a wee scar on my shoulder which I think looks kind of like a little slug.  I completely forget it's there but then people ask about it occasionally.  I got it when I leant against a window as a teenager (yes, stupid, I know) and it broke.  Fortunately I didn't fall out of it, just sustained a few cuts!

No broken bones, just a scar (Image source)

Number 3. 
I'm 27 and I can't drive... I grew up in the big city with scarce parking and lots of public transport so I couldn't see the point.  Plus, my older brother and sister could both drive and had to battle for the car as it was.  My mum never bothered to learn until someone offered to sell her a classic 1959 mint green car - I think I'm waiting for the same opportunity.

Can't get booked when you can't drive! (Image source)

Number 4. 
During my lifetime, I've worked as a sales assistant at a bakery, as a waitress at several cafes and restaurants, as an administrator for a community transport organisation, as a receptionist and as a PA (in that order).  I'm now apparently about to be promoted at work to become a professional architectural historian/heritage adviser!  Best job, hands down.  Hopefully it all comes through without a hitch!

Like Barbie, I've had many different jobs... (Image source)

Number 5. 
I live with my boyfriend of several years.  I sometimes call him "Cat".  He's agreed that if I ever mention him on this blog, I can refer to him thus.  So keep an eye out for that.  You're very, very unlikely to ever get to see a picture of him though, because he doesn't like the idea of his face being on the internet for lots of strangers to see.  He's very nice in obliging me by taking photos for my outfit posts, however!

Me and The Cat walking in the snow

And now it comes to me to pass on the torch of the award.  The five blogs I pick are as follows:

...and I know that I'm probably not supposed to choose blogs that I've seen Wendy has already given awards to but I just love these girls too much not to mention them (they can just have double awards):

Phew!  I think that's officially the hardest post I've ever written!

By the way, I got snapped by the "Style Hunters" from Grazia the other day when I was at the Southbank Vintage Festival.  I never read the magazine but (of course) I still really hope I make the cut and appear on their website!  Keep your fingers crossed, and I'll let you know when I find out!

Post-script: I've just discovered the wonderfully quirky My Name is Philippa blog and would like to add a belated, bonus, spontaneous sixth award to the lady at the helm there - Philippa (obviously).


  1. Haha Thats great I stick up for Elvis too when the kids at school say anything mean about him! :) And I was named after Elvis! my mom was a big fan and I guess she passed the Genes along! Great! post :)

  2. Thank you, will come back to it later. :-)

  3. Thank you ever so much! I'm fairly new to blogging so to receive a few nice words about my blog is just wonderful. I'm glad you enjoy reading it, for I adore your blog so this really is a lovely surprise

    Philippa xxx

  4. Young Vintage Girl - Yay! Keeping the Elvis flame alive! So cool that you're named after him.

    SuperHeidi and Philippa - You're so very welcome! Just keep up the good work!

  5. Marie your promotion sounds amazing, I am partial to Elvis too. Thank you so much for the award I am so glad you like my blog, I am bit clueless with them though do I need to do something? ha excuse my ignorance x

  6. Hannah - I think that the award is kind of like a game of Chinese Whispers because I'm sure I've seen people doing different things. I think you have to say five things about yourself and then elect other blogs to receive the award (well, that's what I've done anyway). It's basically just sharing the love around, as far as I can make out!

    And thanks, the promotion is exciting, and increasingly becoming official. I even have to go solo to a meeting tomorrow to talk to clients and architects - a wee bit nerve-racking! But think of all the pretty old buildings I'll get to visit because of this! Joy!

  7. Wow! What a lovely blog you've written. Quite moving as well as interesting. Nice that I get mentions too. Can I let onn that I'm your mother (I usually try to write without that claim)?

  8. Susan Janet/Mum - I'll let you get away with it just this once. Only because you're cool and like Elvis and classic cars! ;)

  9. Fellow Miss Marie congratulations on your pormotion and your job really does sound like a dream! Fingers crossed it all goes through and best of luck. That picture of you and the cat is so beautiful. Thank you so so much for my blog award, it means so much to me that you like my blog because I love yours. :) x

  10. P.S Thanks for the recommendation about Frank's twin sleeping Lion, I had no idea and will definitely be paying George a visit. x

  11. Kelly-Marie - thanks for the lovely comments, and you're so very welcome for the award. And yes, you must go see George - I think he's in the bit of the cemetery where you need to be on a tour because it's so fragile and overgrown that they can't let people roam free in there, but it's well worth doing!