Saturday, 11 June 2011

Let's Twist Again

Although I prefer the thought of a dance floor on which everyone is either swing dancing or jiving, this article makes me appreciate the solo-styling of the twist so much more.

It's sad that it kept going in the direction it did, to the unsexy and ungraceful modern idea of dancing, but when you put it in its context, it suddenly seems much more exciting.  No more girls all dressed up but sitting on the bench, having to wait for a boy to ask them to dance...  Although, if it meant that boys bothered to learn to dance, maybe I'd be willing to go back to that protocol, even at the risk of being a wall-flower!


  1. Twisting is so much fun! There shouldn't be good or bad around the dancefloor. Social dancing is meant to be fun for everyone, singles, pairs or groups.

  2. I like that too, superheidi.

    Is that Chubby Checker dancing with the lady? (Why was he called "chubby"?!)

  3. It is Chubby Checker... and according to the article, his name was a reference to Fats Domino. And he was just a tad larger than Chubby!

  4. Ideas have changed about what's large ... Recently I was struck by the contrast between some very large Australian men from one family, and the tall, slender perfectly-postured Sudanese men and women at a lunch I attended. I hope the Sudanese are still that way after a generation in "The Lucky Country".