Monday, 13 June 2011

Love letter from ... Lincoln

Last week, I went up to Lincoln for the day to do some research on a 15th century manor house.  Unfortunately, the archive experience was rather disappointing and unsuccessful but once they closed I was able to go exploring the city, photographing lovely things...

The walk up Steep Hill (yes, that's the name of a street):

Carving on the great west door of Lincoln Cathedral:

Around the Cathedral precinct:

It must be said that I'm not always one for medieval, Gothic buildings but Lincoln Cathedral is really something else.  Truly awe-inspiring and astoundingly beautiful:

More exploring around the Cathedral precinct:

The trip back down Steep Hill:

Unfortunately, not only the archives but practically everything in Lincoln seems to shut at 4pm!  That meant that I just had to gaze lustily through the windows of pretty shops selling antiques, prints and vintage clothes:

I think a proper trip to Lincoln is definitely on the cards.  Perhaps even an overnight stay, in order to fit in the Cathedral, the Castle and all the delightful shops...

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  1. So lovely, Miss Marie! That one with the phonebooth in the foreground is one I'd have been snapping right beside you! And the flowers on the wall :-) I like where your eye falls.