Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Love letter from ... Nottingham (Vintage Shopping)

I'm back from a lazy weekend in Nottinghamshire, visiting friends and enjoying some country air and calm.  Despite not technically doing an awful lot whilst up there, I've still come back with lots to report.  But that could possibly say more about me than about anything else.

Anyway, first up, a report on vintage shopping in Nottingham!

First shopping stop was actually non-vintage but rather, new shoes! I spotted some lovely discounted patent red heels at Jones Bootmaker recently but didn't have time enough to try them on there and then. So, fresh off my train, I located the Nottingham branch. Once I found my size, there was not a moment's hesitation. Gorgeous, you must agree!

Here they are, tripping through the daisies on my feet
a few days later...

Next mission was to find my friend who was running her Ladybird and Sage craft stall at the Curiousity Haus market day in Sneinton.  Despite a bit of drizzle, this corner of Nottingham was brightened by some stalls with beautiful handmade products of all sorts.  I grabbed myself a pair of shiny red earrings to go with my new red shoes and perused a stall selling adorable baby shoes, etc, with a mind to buying a gift for some expectant friends.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure if it's a boy or girl yet and there were no unisex booties in the right size for the littlest babies.  Might have to buy online later...

After that pitstop, I tripped off to explore Nottingham's vintage shops.  My friend pointed me in the right kind of direction and I just went where my nose took me from there.  So I may have missed a few good 'uns but, coming out at the end of it all with three "new" items, I think I did fairly well!

First up: Oxfam on Goose Gate.  This is one of the Oxfam shops that has a carefully picked vintage-savvy collection.  Tried on a number of thing - one gorgeous French number, frustratingly just a tad too small.  But was compensated with a lovely green and blue tartan v-neck frock (which may have to wait until autumn) and a long, full skirt in a blue floral pattern on black background.

Wandered in and out of a few other places after this.  One nearby, also on Goose Gate, was lovely but I was going for cheap and cheerful and the items in there were more on the expensive side - especially, it seemed, the ones I particularly liked!  Was still worth a look, but unfortunately I can't remember the name to report back.  A bit rubbish of me!

After poking my head in a few more places, I began to get distracted by taking photos of buildings...

Nice solid 1930s down a quiet street

Dilapidated chic

Pretty wood carving, curves and glass

Curvy, curvy

Mad, rustic hodge-podge

Pretty stencilling and colour scheme

Then I turned around and discovered I was looking at the lovely Augustus on Pelham Street.  This sells a combination of true vintage clothes, vintage-inspired clothes, and fabulous vintage homewares, luggage, etc.  It also had possibly the best change rooms I have ever been in - according to the girl behind the counter, created using an old wardrobe.  I'm not sure of the protocol for photographing inside shops but snuck some pics inside the change room when I was hidden from view.  Sneaky...  But it gives you some idea of how they looked.  Also lets you see the lovely yellow dress I tried on which was unfortunately not at all good for my skin tone.  Was very sad to leave it behind...  I did walk out with the blue dress though, which has a darling fruity pattern.

Sneaking in the change rooms:
light-fitting and pictures

Change room mirror: yellows, blues and patterns

Delicious pattern and button

By this point, my shopping day was wrapping up.  I dropped into Cow on George Street but was a little disappointed.  Too many racks of early 90s floral dresses for my liking!  I did try on a couple of items but none worked for me.  Maybe a good thing considering I'd already managed one pair of new shoes, one pair of earrings, two dresses and one skirt... Hmm, what happened to all that cash I took out that morning?

But admiring buildings is free, so I took a few more snaps before hopping on a bus out to my friend's place in the nearby countryside.

Fabulousness Deco-ness

Creamy glazed tiles and frieze

Slightly scary Victorian heads...

Cozy alleyway

Art noveau glass

Blue and red

Finishing up the day with wine, newspaper... and the company of chickens!

Does anyone else know Nottingham?  Can you recommend any other shops there?  Did I foolishly miss out the best ones?  Would love to know for next time.


  1. ah, fairy tale shoes! What a lovely spot in the wine-newspaper-flowers-chicken-picture.
    Never been to Nottingham, so no tips from me, but it seems a lovely place.

  2. Wow! You did have a lovely time in Nottingham! Great finds with your shopping. That blue fruity dress fits so well! You did well not to "force" things to fit or suit you. I enjoyed the interspersing of buuilding photos. Love the curves and wood carvings and glass. Looks like a perfect spot at the end of the day too. The wine and brown chook make it so. Country romance!

  3. Hi love the red shoes and the dresses, the walled garden with the cottage garden flowers looks such a relaxing place to read the papers with a nice glass of wine.

  4. Shame you missed us at Hopkinson Vintage, Antiques and Arts centre you would have loved the wide selection of great vintage and attractive architecture if you had have discovered us. We hope to see you very soon

  5. We have a tea room in Nottingham City Center that I think you'd love- Search for The White Rabbit Teahouse :)