Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Open Garden Squares Weekend

Anyone in London who, like me, has a certain fondness for taking photos of pretty flowers, may like to note that this weekend (11-12 June) is the annual Open Garden Squares Weekend.  Or alternatively, you may be just as keen if, like me, you've ever felt bitter that you've not been allowed into one of those exclusive, gated squares when it's been a hot day and you've been looking to sit down in the shade...  Or perhaps you're just generally interested in this quintessentially London phenomenon.

Whatever your motivation, the programme of openings is available here.  Sadly, it's not free but if you feel like swanning around in a floral summer dress and hat, pretending that you live in one of those fabulous Georgian townhouses with not just one but all the squares in London your playground, then this weekend is your chance.

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