Friday, 3 June 2011

Random Reasons to Love London #2

This evening, when out shopping for a friend's birthday present, I was served by a friendly boy wearing pastel blue nail varnish.

He commented on my Belle & Sebastian tote and we went on to exchange stories of how we both fell in love with them.

He told me about seeing them at T in the Park years and years ago.  It was raining heavily as they played, until the clouds parted and the sun shone through.  It was a magical moment, he said.

Crazily enough, I had almost exactly the same experience on an entirely different occasion.  The first time I ever heard them was at Glastonbury years ago.  During that set, there was a downpour which then cleared, followed by a rainbow appearing over the crowd.  The memory's always stuck with me.

The boy in the shop and I both agreed that there's just something strangely irresistible about that band which makes it so that you can't help but love them.


  1. 'The Blues are still Blue' (sorry had to do it!)
    I have never seen them live but agree they are fabulous!!

  2. Love it! Should have thought of that myself!

    Oh, you should have gone along to one of the Roundhouse shows this week! I went on Monday and it was just wonderful (again)...

  3. My friend sent me an sms from that show : )

    I saw them twice on their recent tour to Australia; once in Brisbane and then in Melbourne. If we met I could compare my baby blue shirt with your tote which has the same B&S picture. Tres cute.

  4. What a lovely story! Made me smile... :)

  5. Yes, another reason to love London. I'm glad you got into conversation and didn't miss the moment. :-)
    And I'm happy to now know what the tote bag looks like.